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Cambodia & Vietnam

Our next holiday adventure starts on Thursday night when we fly out of Brisbane and over to Cambodia, then onto Vietnam. We have a full itinerary setup to see as much as possible on our 3 week journey and for anyone who is interested in keeping up with our travels and seeing some photos, I will be blogging on this website each day.

The blog posts will also post to Facebook and Twitter, but as everyone knows I don’t log into Facebook very often so your comments and questions may not be seen 😉

Really looking forward to this trip, the updates will start on Thursday!

Starting with a bichon

Rather than using Facebook primarily to track what I’m doing, I have decided to setup a blog. I intend to use the blog to keep track of things i’m working on, places I have been or things that I like, without the really annoying aspects of Facebook. I’ll still forward my posts to Facebook as well, however probably will not make my way over that side of the internet very often.

So, to kick off, Here is Winston breaking into the pantry!


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