Commonwealth Games 2018

Yesterday was the finals of the 63kg women’s weight lifting. The women performed both the snatch and clean and jerk with some very heavy weights. We had great seats to the side of the stage which made for an extremely clear view of the lifts.

Injuries presented issues for a number of the women but they did not let that stop them as they lifted and pushed through the pain. The weight on the bar started at 70kg and quickly rose as the competition progressed.

Maude Charron from Canada took out the gold and also set a Commonwealth Games record lifting 122kg in the clean and jerk. This record was previously held by a fellow Canadian from 2006, and was a really amazing event to witness. Maude lifted 98kg in the snatch which also tied her for the total games record of 220kg.

The competition ended with the medals being awarded and the Canadian national anthem.

Starting with a bichon

Rather than using Facebook primarily to track what I’m doing, I have decided to setup a blog. I intend to use the blog to keep track of things i’m working on, places I have been or things that I like, without the really annoying aspects of Facebook. I’ll still forward my posts to Facebook as well, however probably will not make my way over that side of the internet very often.

So, to kick off, Here is Winston breaking into the pantry!